Better Technology, Proven Results


Through interpretation and evaluation of open hole, case hole logs, and mudlogs, we locate pay, rock properties, and determine the best areas to perforate. With our proprietary equations and evaluation methods, we can eliminate the need for unnecessary stages, which saves money and allows for optimization during completion. 


Through engineering and geological consulting, we help companies increase success while controlling cost. We work with logging stimulations companies in order to provide the most successful methods of analysis, as well as offer support in designing completion strategies. 


By utilizing our field consultants, you can be assured that your investment is being handled with the utmost care and consideration. We offer unbiased opinions, honest reporting, and reliable answers to your questions to deliver you proven results.

LAS is a critical part of our technical team and has added tremendous value to our assets. Their full suite of formation evaluation, frac design, frac bidding, and frac execution has resulted in substantially higher IP’s and much lower frac costs for Hibernia Resources. The LAS partnership has allowed us to grow to a multi rig development program without having to hire additional in-house employees.
— Embry Canterbury, President of Hibernia Resources